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Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI)

The capability that enables the mobile workforce to gain business insights through information analysis using applications optimized for mobile devices is defined as Mobile Business Intelligence by Verkooij. Business Intelligence is also referred to as BI and is a technique aided by computers for analysing business data and a number of other factors that actually gives deep insight into the business; it provides important intelligence in taking the business to newer and greater heights. With the huge innovation and improvement in mobile telephony and wireless internet connection, business intelligence has also grown by leaps and bounds in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. New and highly improved smartphones and other handheld devices, combined with highly efficient software and applications can literally provide all business related information and their analysis at your fingertips.

AllCAD Services is one of the fastest growing IT and ITES companies. We have a team of highly talented and imaginative programmers, as well as application developers. We also have a very talented team of web developers and content developers. The applications are developed for cross platform use, as well as use in a number of mobile and handheld devices. They are also developed for integration in webpages.

The mobile business intelligence solutions designed and developed by AllCAD Services offers a 360 degree insight to your business details and statistics. Our programmers and developers also integrate some of the most intricate mathematical and statistical calculations, graphical representation, and other interactive charting techniques for easy understanding and data analysis. Our mobile business intelligence solutions are highly interactive and compact and are found on all sizes of screens. Mobile business intelligence services have been one of our core competencies and we have been delivering customized solutions for a number of our global clients.

AllCAD Services offers the most comprehensive and complete mobile business intelligence services. We design and develop these applications after detailed understanding of your needs and requirements. We are one of the most customer centric companies that offers nothing but the best. We focus hard in developing and delivering the products which will always be beneficial in every respect, for our clients. We develop them with utmost care and in consultation with some of the most renowned experts from the industry. We offer some of the most complete solutions for mobile business intelligence and also develop and deliver cost effective solutions to all your needs.

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