Quality Analysis with Selenium

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Quality Analysis with Selenium

Selenium is a software frame work designed for web applications. It is an automated test tool that records the authorizing tests by providing a specific domain-free language that helps to write these tests in different programming languages. Selenium is considered to be one of the best automated tools that is becoming increasingly popular. It is easy to use and very flexible to operate. The scripts of the selenium are recorded in special script language called selenese, that give commands in the browser to retrieve data from the web pages provided.

It supports various platforms like internet explorer, Firefox, Mac OS X, Linux etc. Selenium RC and IDE are core components of selenium that helps better integration of framed test work with different units. Selenium remote control is written in JavaScript that helps to write automated tests to web applications. Selenium IDE is an extension of Mozilla Firefox that is used to record tests and suits.

The functions of selenium automated tool:

  • Helps to integrate with various units to run tests

  • Provides a record of entire browser session

  • Works with an http website (RC)

  • Helps to control supporting browsers

  • Allows cross browsing testing

Benefits of selenium:

  • Selenium is a time saving automated tool

  • It is an open source software

  • Basic script knowledge required

  • Can be used to test android and Iphone

  • Selenium IDE enables the user to develop own plug-ins

The main benefit of selenium automation tool is that the user can add increased functionality to the test scripts and framework to have a successful customization of test automation. As they can be downloaded from open source, the selenium codes can be downloaded and modified.

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