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Construction Designing Solutions

Local and national specialty geotechnical and tunnel contractors, as well as design professionals and facility owners call on AllCAD Services to design a wide array of support of excavation systems. Whether steel or timber sheeting systems, slurry walls, soil nails, jet grouting, deep soil mixing or, shaft and tunnel linings for initial and final ground support, we have the skill sets needed to evaluate subsurface conditions at your project site and develop constructable and cost effective support systems. Sometimes, adjoining buildings or underground infrastructure require protection during construction and demolition projects. AllCAD Services has designed a variety of geostructures that are suitable for both the facility requiring protection and ground conditions. Some of these techniques include hand dug piers, slant drilled piles, needle beams, micropiles, and jet grout treatment.

AllCAD Services’ geotechnical and structural engineers have real-life experience in “Creating Space Underground” and developing a wide range of efficient and constructable designs for:

  • Heavy Lifts & Below the Hook Lifting Devices

  • Formwork & Falsework

  • Cofferdam & Excavation Support

  • Temporary Trestles,Work Platforms and Bridges

  • Rebar Cage Handling & Stability

  • Tower Crane Foundations & Working Surfaces

  • Marine Engineering

  • Support of Excavations (SOE)

  • Permanent Earth Retention

  • Deep Foundations

  • Cut & Cover Structures

You are invited to contact one of our construction design specialist to learn more about AllCAD Services’ responsiveness, value engineering approach to design, and technical skills that can help construct you next project.

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