Hiring Candidates for Dubai? Read this carefully before you start.

Hiring Candidates for Dubai was never as important as it is now. Dubai Expo 2020 is expected to create 200,000 new jobs in various industries, and almost half of Middle East companies plan to hire new employees before the event, so the need to find local and international talent is the best agenda for recruiters. But the mighty power has brought tremendous responsibility and recruiters are now playing a big role in finding good candidates.

LinkedIn and TNS Research recently created a Talent Gap Report to understand why it is difficult to find talent by researching more than 300 talent leaders and more than 1,500 professionals in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The study not only shows the dilemma faced by gulf recruitment agencies, but also suggests possible solutions to reduce the talent gap in the Middle East and North Africa.

This article highlights four key considerations for Hiring Candidates for Dubai, the tips to find the right talent and a comprehensive background check for your selected candidates.

Let’s begin.

Four Considerations for Recruitment in the UAE:
  1. Consider social network optimization

There is a major disconnect between UAE candidates seeking jobs and manpower staffing services. According to the report, companies generally use recruitment companies in Dubai and their own websites to promote their positions. At the same time, social networking is most often used by platform experts to find opportunities and research companies.

Unfortunately, the United Arab Emirates is way behind when it comes to employing social media platforms. Many employment services in UAE do not have company pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or they do not update their pages with right content. This means that a company can have good number of followers, but potential candidates may not have the opportunity to see that organization because of lack of social media activity.

Platforms that employers use to post vacancies versus the platforms professionals use to find jobs in UAE:

Platforms that employers use to post vacancies versus the platforms professionals use to find jobs in UAE:

Solution: Spend time on your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Determine the hue of the content to be posted on social media by ensuring the vision of the company. It’s also important to share business opportunities across all platforms in a way that will attract all possible candidates. Integrate social media into your employment strategy and work with digital teams to create attractive content that attracts job seekers and build an overall corporate brand.

  1. Consider Nationalization

Nationalization has always been an important issue in the Middle East and North Africa, but only 28% of abroad placement consultants have taken steps to attract UAE talent. On the other hand, 80% of the Saudi Arabian companies target national citizens for recruitments.

According to the Talent Gap Report, 31% of the UAE surveyees did not agree with their learning / expertise, and 38% thought wages and benefits were below expectations. Therefore, the national pool of talent must have education and work experience to meet growing economic needs.


Solution: For a new employee in the UAE, a transparent recruitment process is very important. In order to attract the best talent in the nation, there must be clear job description.

However, nationalization of the UAE does not mean that all hopes will disappear. Etihad Airways won the “Nationalization Initiative of the Year” at 2015 Middle East Human Resources Excellence Awards. In 2015, more than 1,000 UAE nationals were hired by airlines. A total of 2,700 UAE employees work in the company’s internal duties.

  1. Consider what is important – company or candidate:

The most important skills for those Hiring Candidates for Dubai are considered to include professional skills, strong communication skills and multicultural experience. However, these are not so high among professionals. Decisions making, analysis and effective timing techniques are considered more important by professionals. Because of this gap, some of the skills available in the talent pool are not necessarily the skills that the employer seeks, so it is easy to see that the role of the recruiter becomes more difficult.

What is considered to be the most important skill for UAE employers Vs UAE Professionals?

What is considered to be the most important skill for UAE employers Vs UAE Professionals?

Solution: Emphasize this specific skill to find candidates with experience and skills needed for open positions. Transparency is important. Understand clearly the exact job of the candidate so that you can find the right person at the right time. Finally, what you want to do is play a role that is incompatible with your skills, so make sure you list the most important things at the start of the hiring process.

  1. Consider position which is difficult to fill.

It has become increasingly difficult to fill senior positions in the Middle East and North Africa. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), 15% of manpower outsourcing services describe “information technology” and “human resources” as the most difficult positions to recruit candidates. 12% of employers find it difficult to hire “engineers”, and only 7-8% of employers find it difficult to get a candidate for “sales” and “financial management”. There is no doubt that the UAE has difficulty in acquiring and recruiting technical talent. Many potential candidates are not job seekers. But this does not mean that these experts are “not feasible”.


Solution: Get expertise in using powerful search tools for procurement in LinkedIn and other recruiting platforms. It should be difficult to attract and retain passive candidates to hire for hard-to-fill or niche roles. It is also important to invest time in planning long-term recruitment strategies. In this way, you can create a talent pipeline that can be used to gain more opportunities.

Business Tip: How to recruit in UAE

Any two companies are not identical, but there are many common problems. The most important thing on this list is recruitment.

Regardless of your industry, finding right candidates is not easy. Screening through a resume sometimes feels like a minefield, which is usually only half the battle. Adding the right knowledge and expertise to the paper, the perfect candidate should be proficient in integrating and expressing culture and spirit by seeing the company’s vision.

Because there are so many elements in the workplace, hiring new employees cannot be a precise science. So many companies admit mistakes. According to the 2014 CareerBuilder survey, 41% of overseas placement services said the cost of poor jobs over the past year was at least $25,000. In addition to these common problems, there are challenges specifically addressed in the UAE. The type of standard labor contract, the type of employment contract, and whether your business operates in a Free Zone.

So here are a few steps that will assist you Hiring Candidates for Dubai.
  1. Find the right talent.

Obviously the first step in getting the right talent is finding the right talent. So who’s there? The UAE labor market is diverse, but in some areas it is still lacking.

There is not enough representation for skilled workers and professionals in industries like construction and financial services. Therefore, keep this in mind during the search process and do not settle for candidates who do not meet the criteria.

To get some help, it’s a good idea to either send an advertisement to the right audience or filter it out before your employee’s regular application to choose reputable gulf recruitment agencies. Fortunately, there are many employment services in UAE.

Of course, talent discovery can be initiated when the roles and responsibilities of the tasks are thoroughly planned and everyone involved in the process fully understands the expectations of successful applicants.

  1. Choose the right candidate:

You should examine the candidate’s ability and attitude while Hiring Candidates for Dubai. The most effective way to solve the first problem is to create a list. Write down the key technologies that your candidate should have and check out key skills when reviewing your application.

Any candidate who passes this step can be invited to the interview, and the second part, the attitude, can be truly reviewed in the interview.

As long as you are satisfied, the applicant meets the requirements in terms of skill, qualification and experience, you can actually assess the personality and attitude of the candidate through interviews. It’s a good idea to use a variety of interview techniques to understand how candidates respond. Testing is important, and this is one of the few opportunities to see their reaction in “real time” situations.

Remember that this person has to work in a team every day. Even the most suitable candidates can create problems if they are not good team players. Most companies have CCTV Camera in place to find which employee is not suitable for the organization, but still, finding the culprit is not that simple.

Ultimately, you need to be sure that the candidate can go directly to your organization, or that you have the adaptability and ability to accommodate your company culture.

This can be difficult to judge, but asking about your relationship with your former colleagues and employers and the time spent on previous work can be a good way to understand how well a person adapts to your new work environment.

  1. Judging the UAE Employment Act:

You have found a candidate that you think is very well suited to its role and business. Congratulations. The hardest part is done. Now we understand the strict employment law of the UAE.

It is difficult to deal with employment laws in any country, but there is nothing to worry about if you follow the rules.

The main factor to consider in the UAE is that once you are leased, the landlord is considered a sponsor of the new employee. Therefore, new employees are required to obtain a work visa and a residence permit.

It must be submitted to the Ministry of Labor (MOL) or Naturalization Bureau (Ministry of Home Affairs) depending on the location of the business.

The only exception to this rule is that your business operates within the non-taxable domain. In this case, you must contact the relevant free local authorities to begin the work visa and visa process. In most cases, free local authorities will process the agency on your behalf.

  1. Contract development:

All employees must sign a standard employment contract except the Free Zone employees who are managed by the Free Zone. The terms of this agreement are governed by UAE labor laws. This contract covers almost all the aspects of contract staffing in Dubai, such as working hours, additional benefits and repatriation of foreign employees.


The UAE labor law stipulates that you can work for at most 8 hours a day, or 48 hours a week. Employees working in hotels, cafeterias and guards can enjoy nine hours of work.

Regarding welfare, it is important to remember that salary in this part of the world is only part of the compensation package. Housing allowance and travel expenses are often used as standard.

For foreign workers, the employment contract stipulates that the employer must pay the full amount of the repatriation unless the employee terminates the employment contract.

There is another point about the employment contract. There are two standard types: limited and unlimited. A limited contract has a start and end date (and can be renewed), and if the contract is terminated early by the other party, the party is considered fully compensated.

On the other hand, an unlimited contract is not within a certain period of time as there is no completion date and may be terminated at any time for good cause (if 30 days’ notice is given).

  1. Helping your new employees to settle in.

Always remember that recruiting will not end on the first day of recruitment. Do not “finish” the assignment after a successful completion of the exam period.

It takes time to join a new company, and it takes more time if a new recruit is a recent foreigner.

Some abroad placement consultants do not think it’s surprising that new employees can take more than a year to fully function. Of course, you will want your new starter to perform this faster. And in most cases, they will. However, this is only possible if you promise to provide all the training, guidance and support you need in a very important early stage.

Because if you overcome one of the biggest challenges, such as hiring a new employee, you will go directly with the other employee.

Background Check for your New Employees

A team of talented employees can be a stepping stone to transform a good company into a great on. But none of these employees will shine in this upswing.


If I cannot run a company without employees, how can I increase my chances of hiring the best people?

The Employment Background Survey program is a way to have confidence that your skeleton is not hidden in the closet, as it actually has good qualifications that you claim to have. Background surveys are made up of qualified staff to create a safer working environment. The following are important information for proper job inspections.

Decide when and who will check.

A subset of many manpower outsourcing services may be included in the employment background survey.

The choice depends on many variables, including the nature of the industry, the nature of the business, the type of role it employs, the location of the company hierarchy where the role is located, and the risk tolerance of the organization. You should also be aware of laws and regulations affecting your organization.

You should be as thorough and careful as possible when hiring and categorizing potential candidate groups. However, if the organization is the same as most people, there may not be enough expertise and resources to gain insight into the background of each candidate.

Fortunately, you are not alone. You can contract with an overseas placement services to process the review, so you can focus on other aspects of the recruitment process. Choosing the right recruitment staffing solutions will be your partner who conducts background checks that meet the screening requirements, whether you are looking for an employee at your location or at the other end.

Understanding the components of the background check

If you plan to do background checks, you can choose from a variety of services, including:

  • Criminal record check
  • Motor vehicle record
  • Identification
  • Resume verification
  • Personal Financial Integrity Check
  • Expansion of labor screening
  • Executive screening
Who can benefit from background inspection?

Most importantly, if they are done correctly, background inspections can help ensure the integrity, fairness and consistency of the recruitment process. Of course, this is good for hiring people, but it will benefit the honest candidates according to the rules, and the employer will know who they are and know their qualifications.

A well designed background screening program provides an equitable arena for those who are actually eligible to participate in the game. Helping candidates to make decisions in a more consistent way and raising the level of fairness is a good thing for candidates.

Understand the background check process and how timelines work

The process of checking someone’s background in movies and TV appears to be very simple and the investigator inserts the name into the database and retrieves a long list of information about the person being examined. But this novel is far from reality.

Because data is stored in multiple locations and formats in many places and formats and has many different access methods, it will remain a complex process for quite some time.

Fortunately for the employer, companies providing manpower staffing services are familiar with the protocols needed to ensure that background checks on the organization’s review requirements are met. You can consider many sources of information when performing background checks.

Consistency is important when performing a background check, but not necessarily a background check. The list of factors that will help your organization determine the type and scope of background checks that are right for you are outdated.

Just as there is no background check for “one size fits all”, the scan schedule is very different depending on the scan. Typically, a typical EMEA scan can take from two to three weeks, but depending on individual circumstances, some aspects of the process can take a long time.

Strategies for Background Investigation

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when creating and implementing a filtering strategy. What you can define includes what to block, when to use the filter, and how to interpret the results. You may want a policy that clearly states your actions when deciding your disqualification.

Without a written policy, it is easy to be absurd by accident. It is unfair and not legal.

Companies are unique, so their policies are different. Your policy must be based on different roles and compliance with the use of screening tests for employment purposes, so the legal counsel must be involved in the decision-making process.

Find the right vendor

Just as you can call a marketing company to design an IT website or call an asphalt pavement company to repair your company’s parking lot, you can ask a recruiting solutions provider to check the background. How are you making this decision?

If you want to use a third-party resource to provide a background inspection solution for your organization, the next step is to evaluate and select the vendors that meet your organization’s requirements.

Notification and Preparation for Candidate Selection

Candidates must have sufficient information and be prepared to conduct background checks. This is sometimes a complex process. If a job seeker fully understands what is happening, it is best for everyone.

The background check does not have to be a complete passive activity of the candidate. They can be prepared to help wisely. How was it prepared? It is a good idea to suggest the candidate the following:

  • Make sure your resume is up to date and provide complete and accurate contact information so you can easily use this information when completing your identity verification request.
  • Investigate your career, including the date you want to work, your position, your wages, and more.
  • Collect diplomas and transcripts, support your educational experience, and issue payment slips from past employers.
  • Provide personal information such as your past address and current driving license number.
Hiring a Recruitment Agency in Dubai:

The employment services in UAE provides the automation needed for recruitment and recruitment processes with important functions such as developing employment applications, posting vacancies on identified Web sites, resume reviews, contacting designated candidates, and preparing for interviews.

This helps recruiters identify the best candidates and shorten hiring time. A superior abroad placement consultants not only offer real-time information, but also allows you to view or download a complete final report.

Employers generally do not think that people who apply for jobs are lying in their resume and job application. The opposite is the case. Background investigations are often the last step an employer takes to make reasonable hiring decisions and protect employees and company from significant potential risks.