How to hire effective sales people for direct sales position

What working qualities do great direct sales people possess?

According to theory these employees are responsible for demonstration, direct personal presentation, sale of products and services to consumers and your ICT partner. Let’s investigate what key qualities hiring manage should assess to make the right choice:

Sociablity. They need the kind of sociable skills and personality to make good working relationships and create friendly first impressions. They have to be comfortable in social situations. Ability to create and maintain a positive social climate is crucial.

Communication skills. The direct sales people are personable and tactful communicators who value cooperation and collaboration. They are quick to empathize with others. They thrive in environments in which they can interact often and be directly involved with people. A good sales person can describe his philosophy of customer service: “I like to build relationships with customers. I am here to listen to their needs and provide solutions that work. In my experience, too many service providers are too busy selling products to actually take the time to find out what the customer really wants.”

Empathy.  Predisposition to considering the needs of others should be taken into account.

Self-confidence. Refusal is more common in sales than success. The best sales people are able to set refusal aside and move on. They look for new solutions, and do not give up.

Ooh! It seems challenging to hire and build competitive sales team.

Here are few tips to increase your chances of hiring top good sale person for direct sales:

1) Use employees evaluation tool to assess :

  • how candidate thinks,  acts at workplace and how he can perceive new information.
  • what careers really interest candidate?
  • how he/she can solve problems, make decisions
  • and other parameters crucial to sales performance

2) Hire candidates which have the better job fit. Then it is more likely he or she will become a  good employee.

3) Create a bank of potential candidates. Don’t wait until you need another sales person. Find top performers now.