Human Resource Management Success Indicator

In general, the function and role of human resource management in the organization starting from the fun things such as procurement, maintenance, hiring candidates, and there is time to conduct evaluation activities. All that leads to actions that are less desirable as an evaluation of performance and termination of employees.

Indeed each organization has their own benchmarks in managing human resources, based on the urgency of the organization. There are organizations that put a human resource planning as the most important aspect in human resource management. There are also organizations that put the maintenance function as the most important aspect. However, there are also organizations that see the last of human resource management function, which is evaluated as the most important, especially if the organization during times of boredom.

Then there are the questions, which are most important to do? So far there is no empirical and theoretical evidence of how human resource management activities that must be done. Is the organization required to put a high proportion in human resource planning, such as recruitment? Are maintenance activities such as training should receive a higher proportion? Is it like the evaluation of performance evaluation activities should get priority? To answer this question, HR practitioners are required to reflect the real state of the organization.

In the era of globalization, technological advances and the speed of information flow that has become increasingly clogged as if directing the organization on a large scale change. It is not just about tracking employees’ attendance using some biometric attendance system. There is a lot more to look for. There are organizations that placed the maintenance function at the highest order on its human resource management, such as large-scale training in computer operating systems. There are also organizations that see that this is a challenge in terms of planning, such as recruitment, where the recruiter is expected to put high requirements on the candidates in IT skills.

However, there are also organizations that actually boost its performance evaluation system so that employees more competitive in addressing these IT developments. Of the several examples above we can see how the organization with the needs of their own human resource management put him in the order of their organization’s needs.

Effective human resource management is dependent on the design plans of the organization. In addition to short-term planning oriented to the achievement of organizational goals on the operational activities, the long-term planning should also be considered. My experience in HR consulting activities in led to a conclusion that no matter how short and long term planning of an organization, if not accompanied by a desire for self-reflection on the real organization condition, will continue to experience obstacles.

To be able to design good human resource department could have started with the concept of designing 3J, the Job Description, Job Specification and Job Analysis as possible. From this concept, I assume Job Analysis is an effective determinant of whether or not the human resource management within an organization. The assumption, how as early as possible to design the scope of work, work environment, job responsibilities, job expectations and job requirements so that later in accordance with organizational needs.

Good Job Activity Analysis must be based on the availability of the documents are valid and up-to-date (both recent and concerned about environmental changes). In addition, the “appraisal” and “filler” of the activities must complete a Job Analysis is, as objective as possible, away from anything of interest. If this condition is met, the future of human resource department activities on subsequent functions such as maintenance (training, payroll, salary) and evaluation function (performance evaluation, termination and employee tracking system) will be carried out effectively.

If the activities of Job Analysis is done properly it is expected that other HR functions will be run by itself, to follow how the change from his Job Analysis. In essence, how the availability of the document Job Analysis up-to-date and evaluated regularly?. I do not assume that other HR functions are not important. Most importantly, how to lay the foundation for this (Job Analysis) in order that urgent and must be evaluated periodically.

Commonly, organization evaluate and updating Job Analysis in the range of a year. In fact, there are five years does not alter this document – you can imagine what happened in all that time? Meanwhile, its very possible many changes outside and inside of organizations. Indeed, it looks like it cost a lot, but I believe that the cost incurred for this activity is not as much if the organization is designing its human resource management functions.

In the end, although the activities of human resources is always a painful end to the activities once did, everyone would have integrity and accept the consequences, if the organization meets these requirements: the availability of Job Analysis on a regular basis and meets the requirements above.