Primavera Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management, a proven software solution to propose, plan, control and strategically analyze your investment portfolios.

Primavera Portfolio Management Benefits:-
  • Clarify key strategic objectives by presenting them in measurable ways
  • Propose initiatives that align with the organization’s strategy and mission
  • Prioritize investments with strong business case justification
  • Use configurable workflows to manage your proposed project intake
  • Track the state of activities and communicate the latest performance results of your investments
  • Review portfolio performance in real time and compare current to past or future data to identify investment gaps and potential problems
  • Adjust course as a result of portfolio reviews—increasing, decreasing, or withdrawing investment funding where appropriate
  • Visibility and control to align initiatives to strategy and rapidly adjust to changes
  • Improved productivity and performance—eliminate nonstrategic or redundant investments
  • Deeper understanding of portfolio health and actual ROI of initiatives