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Quantity Take-Off Services

AllCAD Services is an expanding, successful company that can deliver accurate, affordable takeoff outsourcing for Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, and Developers as well as other related domains in the overall project development process. Because we have experience in many industries, we understand what the variables that make a successful project. We have innovative minds with accurate and efficient technology to meet all of the needs in any situation. Your project has a unique set of specific requirements which is why a takeoff is so vital to an accurately completed project that respects the bottom line.

Organization is a key part to any successful project and it does begin with the accuracy that is invested in the takeoff stage of your project development. Quantity takeoff outsourcing at AllCAD Services can result in a more efficient use of your current workforce. Because our team has the experience working with the software and other aspects related to a quality takeoff, your project will have improved accuracy and quality from a dedicated, intelligent team that is focused on your goals.


An engineering organization that is steadily growing, AllCAD Services offers take-off and estimating services to Architects, Engineers, Developers, and General Contractors, among other services. AllCAD Services was set up by a team of skilled Stanford engineering graduates. Nowadays, the company boasts a knowledgeable estimating team, well-versed in government facilities, commercial establishments, infrastructure, and oil & gas.

We are aware that most owners have precise requirements and specifications. Our attention to detail, our proven methodology, our ability to deliver results, our perfect blend of technology and human resources, and our functional expertise enable us to deliver quality take-off projects timely and affordably.

Services Offered

  • Complete Trade/Division Material Quantity

  • Color Coded Drawings & Blueprints

  • 24 HR Trained Support & File Access

  • Cloud Collaboration Portal And Web Applications Available Anywhere. Anytime.

  • We use electronic construction takeoff software

  • Reduce your estimating dept overhead costs

  • Bid more work and make money by winning more bids

  • Files are exportable to excel

  • Reports in any file format

  • Direct Project Liason Manager

  • Takeoff for construction project

  • Takeoff for material supplier for preparing material supply bid / proposal

  • Save time and money in bidding and be more competitive in bidding

  • Outsource your tedious takeoff work and save money

  • We provide colored markup for your review of takeoff and verifying quantities

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