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DrawManPC is based on the concept of centralizing the project repository to make project collaboration “a piece of cake” for the project teams to share project data EFFICIENTLY, keep it current and accurate by maintaining up-to -date versions of the files and communicate instantly. And all this at a single click, without the need of 24 Hours Internet Connectivity. So, forget the painful days of relying on emails, Voice/Telephone Chat or Courier services which used to become unmanageable over a period of time for big projects.

DrawManPC -Features and Benefits:
  • Collaborate on Multiple projects with Multiple projects partners.
  • Collaborate without the need of 24 Hrs internet connectivity.
  • Simultaneous management of multiple projects.
  • Windows Explorer like Folder views, hierarchy and navigation.
  • Add multiple files simultaneously to the project.
  • Full Screen viewing of the files.
  • Grant Group or individual access permission to project files & folders.
  • Various levels of permissions for users depending on their role in the project.
  • Restrict or change access permissions instantly.
  • Rename files, folders and projects.
  • Check out – Check in of project files.
  • File Version History Maintenance.
  • File level discussions & communication.
  • Color coding based status of the project files.
Project Data Management
  • Windows Explorer like Folder views, hierarchy and navigation
  • Add/Update multiple files simultaneously to the project
  • View files. Also provide full Screen viewing of the files
  • Support almost all file formats
  • Flawless version management using Check out – Check in of project files
  • Special version management support for DWG and DWF files
  • Grant Group or Individual access permissions to Project files and folders
  • Various levels of permissions for users depending on their role in the project
  • Restrict or changes access permissions instantly
  • Rename files, folders and projects
  • File Version History Maintenance
  • File level discussions and communications
Efficient Project Collaboration
  • Project teams located geographically apart from each other can easily, efficiently and accurately collaborate on their projects with the help of DrawManPC WITHOUT NEEDING FULL TIME CONNECTIVITY WITH THE INTERNET.
  • Project Members can keep on adding files and Data etc. to the project on their local servers throughout the day and just by connecting even once in a day to the internet, the Project data can be synchronized with the other locations through the central repository.
  • This concept helps the project teams to share their data efficiently & keep it current by managing and maintaining the up-to-date versions of the project files and othe data in the the project.
Auditing and Reporting
  • DrawManPC has a flawless auditing system based on the concept of “Who DID WHAT AND WHEN?”
  • Every user action is been audited and reported to the administrator in the most useful manner. Audit reports show the name of the user, action done and the date/time when the action was done by the user.
  • Workgroup Statistics: Shows the details of locations involved in a workgroup, details of all users from each location, Details of all active projects in the workgroup etc..
  • Project Statistics: Show project specific information about the number of files/folders in the Project, number of Groups/Project members, Number of file versions and comments and information about the creator of the project.

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