Business Tele-marketing Solutions

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Business Tele-marketing Solutions

All CAD Tele-Marketing Services offer solution to customers for almost all the queries related to the products and services. These queries are usuallly related to account questions, technical support, sales, products or general company information. We are doing Marketing Campaigns for Autodesk® Resellers in Middle East and Africa region. We provide Engineering design & drafting Solutions through our Marketing Division to all design offices ranging from Consultant, Contractors and Facility Owners in the field of Architecture, Oil & Gas, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and related engineering in Middle East and Africa region.

Why All CAD ?

  • Windows Explorer like Folder views, hierarchy and navigation

  • Add/Update multiple files simultaneously to the project

  • View files. Also provide full Screen viewing of the files

  • Support almost all file formats

  • Flawless version management using Check out – Check in of project files

  • Special version management support for DWG and DWF files

  • Grant Group or Individual access permissions to Project files and folders

  • Various levels of permissions for users depending on their role in the project

  • Restrict or changes access permissions instantly

  • Rename files, folders and projects

  • File Version History Maintenance

  • File level discussions and communications

Our Tele-Marketing Campaign Experiences:

  • Subscription Campaign

  • Retirement Campaign

  • Legacy Campaign

  • Autodesk Web Lead Campaign

  • Global BIM Campaign

  • AutoCAD P&ID Campaign

  • Plant Design Campaign

  • Verticalize Campaign

  • Africa Reseller Campaign

Our Partners

Our Clients

Dewan Architects
Arabtec Construction
Wade Adams

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