What to Look for When Hiring WordPress Developers?

The main issue that most of the people face while hiring a WordPress developer is that they are not sure about how to start. The field of WordPress is so vast that no single developer can have all the skills. Therefore, the hiring process entirely depends upon your needs. Here we will discuss about some basic steps that you may follow when you head to hire WordPress developer.


It seems quite obvious and everyone has this particular step in their mind, but fails to follow it during the hiring process. Before you start selecting your candidates, you must ask them to present their work portfolio.


This is indeed the most crucial step during the journey to hire WordPress developer. There are people in the market who are best in their own words, still, they do not have sufficient knowledge and command over WordPress and eventually get stuck during the development process.

For instance, there can be a situation when both the client as well as the developer are graphic designers and work with Dreamweaver. Once they complete the designs, the site is posted on the WP editor. In such case, when the client tries to adjust things without understanding the HTML, he may end up ruining the entire page.

Therefore, if you are trying to create a custom WordPress theme or website, you must hire a developer who is well equitant with the depth of WordPress.


This is particularly more important if some additional features like shopping cart, video or audio plug-ins are added to your WordPress site. The developer must know how to use them productively.

What exactly is included with the setup? Let’s understand it with an example of a shopping cart:

  • The auto responders must be included properly
  • The products must be added effectively
  • The Thank Page should be configured properly
  • Product images/catalogues must be included properly
  • Payment gateway should be installed properly

Most of these functionalities demand high level of skills, effort and time.  Before you finalise your design, you must configure your requirements in a crystal-clear manner and then should hire WordPress developer who is able to deliver the demanded functionalities.

Design/Graphics rights:

This step will include your rights over your website. Eventually, when your site is completed and ready to make live, you must think that who ultimately owns the rights of the final work? This will depend upon the type of design you have demanded. If you have asked for custom design, you must ask your developer to handover entire rights of the website. On the other hand, if you have demanded for stock pictures, you must strictly follow the copyright guidelines to use those graphics.


Once your website is completed and the contract is also completed, is there any support available? The WordPress developer that you hire must give you additional support to heal any issue occurring to your site. Also, you must verify if the support is free or will he charge something for that. This will save you from additional costs and burden.


Apart from hiring full-time WordPress Developers, you may also choose to hire remote staff. With today’s advanced technologies like business CCTV cameras and tracking systems, it’s not difficult to keep an eye on your offshore developer.

Whatever the case is, it’s important to spend some time in finding and hiring the right WordPress developer for your project requirements.