Why you need an offshore software development partner?

Offshore software development was considered a way to reduce operating costs decades ago. Software development outsourcing is now being accepted as demand for IT resources increases and service providers focus more on quality. This not only reduces the burden on internal employees, but also gives you more control over the resources you spend. And in the long run, you’ll get valuable strategic business partners.

What is offshore software development?

Offshore software development is a way of working with an overseas team or company (third party) to leverage their expertise. They are either hired as part of any project (long-term or short-term) or simply assigned a software development process. These developers are professionals who not only provide services abroad but also offer innovation without adding risk. These strategic partners give you access to resources and tools to enhance and extend your business.

Therefore, this partner can provide expertise to your business. It is also a burden to hire and create qualified internal teams. So offshore software development actually cuts time-to-market.

But what about work quality and timely delivery? These two potential risks often make investors skeptical. This is a useful place for cooperation. Partnerships should be viewed as a way of thinking, not as the way that outsourced projects and software solutions should be adopted. Partnership is the best way to meet the constant innovation needs of IT scenarios. This requires organizations to deliver innovation with manageable execution costs in the shortest possible timeframe.

Advantages of outsourcing: Why do you need this service?

High-quality work

Outsourcing will give you qualified professionals with the highest level of offshore software development. If you want to build a team of equally efficient professionals, you may need to hire skilled resources at high monthly salaries or train novice professionals.

There is no need to develop an infrastructure.

This is a great advantage when hiring an offshore outsourcing service. Offshore companies do not need to develop teams because they already have a team of developers and all the tools, infrastructure and development processes they need. As a result, operations can be faster. In addition, the project will take less time and will save you an additional cost.

Share responsibility

You can share impact and risk management when outsourcing work to offshore software development companies. Offshore companies are more likely to manage and reduce the risks that arise from the development process that is part of their business.

Focus on your business.

Working in a non-IT business can increase your operational costs by handling IT-related work. Also, if your team does not have the necessary skills, your choice will be limited. Together with offshore partners, you can focus on your business effectively by solving IT and software development challenges.

Bring your time to the market.

The business scene is changing rapidly, and you have to take the lead in bringing innovation to market quickly. This is a key aspect in determining your success. Outsourcing partners can control the software development speed. You can quickly expand the speed of your overseas team.

Product quality improvement

Partner companies have a complete infrastructure to build and test robust software, so you can always get a reliable product that offers a better user experience. It creates your value and protects your investment.

Cut down the expenses

Cost savings are one of the key issues to consider when deciding to outsource work. You do not need to invest in building facilities or purchasing equipment, and of course you need not to hire full time employees. Even if you work with an equivalent professional, the total salary you pay to an international professional when you outsource your software development is very diverse.

However, there are certain factors to consider before choosing a partner company.

Things to remember before choosing an offshore outsourcing partner

Time zone difference

When working with offshore partners, the time zone differences can be a problem for a smooth implementation of the project. You have to plan accordingly. For example, to minimize confusion, use only channels that are set up for communication (for example, a single e-mail ID), or use weekly meetings. To increase transparency, it is advised to use project management tools like Bitrix24 project management. This way the time zone is not an issue.

Work Culture

The work culture of the offshore team is an important factor to consider. You want long term relationship. It is therefore essential to have a similar culture and ethics. Also, see how they communicate with you and keep you moving so you know everything.

Team / Developers

It is important to understand who will lead the team and who will participate in the project. Do they actually have the experience they need to achieve their goals? Experienced teams can often accomplish this transition process with creative solutions.

Why Choose India for Outsourcing Software Development?

In terms of outsourcing, India is a clear leader in this field. The number of skilled Indian experts and other countries do not match. According to IBEF, India is a suitable destination for IT and ITeS services with a market share of 56%. Why? The Indian IT industry is rapidly evolving software and technology functions critical to the growth of new means for all vertical industries, including destructive technologies such as data analysis and cloud computing. By the end of 2018, India’s IT exports are expected to increase by 7% -8%, and by the end of 2025 the industry is expected to reach $350 billion.

Outsourcing is a key to success and development of the company. Through outsourcing partners, you can leverage our experience and skills to overcome other serious problems. This is because our collective experience allows us to add core technologies to any software development project.